SA-2 Guideline Rocket Kit


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This Soviet designed surface-to-air missile was the first to actually take down an enemy aircraft in flight. The SA-2 Guideline was deployed near Soviet cities, such as Moscow, to defend against USAF bombers during the cold war. Later, they were also used in East Germany.

This scale model rocket has three sets of fins, and an expanding tail cone. This unique design can make it fun to build, and exciting to launch on a D, E or (if you build it strong) even an F motor.

This scale kit comes with 26 parts including plastic Tail Cone, Ejection Baffle, Plastic Nose Cone and 3 sets of laser-cut fins and water-slide decals are included to add lots of detail to this scale model rocket kit.

Colorful instructions and the decal placement schemes are provided.


Length: 26.5″ (67 cm)
Diameter: 1.64″ (42 mm)
Weight: 2.65 oz. (175 g)
Motor Mount: 24 mm
Recovery System: Parachute

Recommended Motors

Single Use 24mm: E30T

Aerotech® RMS 24/40: E18, E28, F12, F24, F39

Note: Motors of E28 or higher (including all F motors) require that the kit is built super-strong including fin fillets.  Performance is very exciting with these motors!

Wizard Rockets recommends that all rockets are simulated in software (e.g. OpenRocket, Rocksim) to determine the optimum ejection delay.

Manufactured by: Rocketarium

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