Rocketarium Hydra Sandhawk


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This water-launched sounding rocket combined a NOTS 401A booster with a Sandhawk sustainer for two-stage flights. Prior to launch, the Hydra Sandhawk was submerged in ocean water, in a floating launcher, off the California coast. The sounding rocket soared to an altitude of 175 miles, carrying its scientific payload to the very edge of space.

The kit includes laser-cut fins, four plywood centering rings, and other parts to build both booster and sustainer stages. Build your own rocket kit today and relive aerospace history on a smaller scale. This rocket kit requires a launch rod (not included) and is not to be submerged in water.

Recomended Motors: Booster: D12-0
Upper Stage (Apogee ft D/E booster): B6-6, C6-5