Altus Metrum MicroPeak USB Adapter


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Wizard Rockets is proud to stock the Altus Metrum range of products.

The MicroPeak is tiny flight logging system. As a standalone product the MicroPeak (linked below) will flash the altitude of the last flight on the onboard LED. Due to the tiny size of this product there is no room onboard for the USB hardware so to obtain full flight logs this USB adapter is required.

The USB Adapter works by reading the flight log data from the LED on the MicroPeak flight logger. This data is captured by the AltOS application running on your PC.

Note: This product is compatible only with the Altus Metrum MicroPeak, sold separately.

Full information on this product, including details of the AltOS application that runs on your PC, is available at the Altus Metrum website here:

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