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The Eggtimer Quantum is the  first WiFi-enabled flight computer.  Using just about any WiFi/browser enabled device, you can program,arm/disarm, and download data without any cables, apps, or Internet connections.

o Two high-current channels, for Drogue and Main chutes
o  Drogue is programmable from 0-3 seconds from nose-over for primary or backup use
o  Main is programmable from 100′-2000′

o Airstart mode for motor ignitions and/or separation charges

o Airstarts can be qualified with altitude@time, velocity@time, and/or breakwire
o Programming is done with simple web pages
o 15 flight memory, records summary and detailed data
o Recordable altitude range from -5,000 to +60,000′ AGL
o Data can be downloaded using WiFi to your phone/tablet/laptop to your browser or other data analysis app (such as Excel or WPS Office) within seconds of landing
o Secure WiFi connection with unique SSID and 8-digit passkey for every unit ensures that nobody else can connect to your Quantum
o Arming/disarming done with a 4-digit code… you can’t accidentally “pocket dial” your Quantum
o Unique “dual-ended” output, the pyro igniter is essentially “dead”  until near deployment
o FailSafe feature can optionally fire the Main chute if a freefall is detected (i.e. your drogue didn’t come out for some reason)
o Remote testing of your deployment igniters, from over 100′ away
o Dual-battery battery option, provides 100% protection against brownouts due to deployment shorts
o Battery input is polarity-independent… you can’t fry the Quantum by hooking the battery up “backwards”
o  Output transistors can easily drive just about anything you’d throw at them, on-time can be set for up to 9 seconds for hot-wire non-pyro use
o  Built-in support for standard PWM hobby servos for non-pyro deployments
o Eggtimer’s signature optoisolated processor-to-deployment architecture protects processor from deployment-induced surges

o Serial output data can be connected to an Eggtimer Telemetry Module, for streaming real-time altitude, velocity, and status information to an Eggfinder LCD receiver

o Size: Approx 66mm x 25mm, weight about 12 grams

This product is designed to operate at up to 12v supply voltage.  At supply voltages over about 7v the current draw of the WiFi module is sufficient for the voltage regulator to get warm.  Your airframe should be designed to allow some airflow to keep this component at a normal operating temperature.

Important note: Due to the possibility of mistakes during assembly, the kit version of this product does not come with any warranty once the bags are unsealed.  Please verify that all components are present and correct before opening the anti-static bags.  Assembled or partially assembled products are not covered by warranty. Where possible, we will try to help you diagnose any problems.



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