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The VIFLY Beacon was originally designed as a lost drone alarm and works perfectly as a micro-sized alternative to a panic alarm in rockets. This much smaller design will fit comfortably, without the provided case, in a 18mm tube meaning you can have an alarm in the smallest of rockets.

With the built-in motion sensor and lipo battery, VIFLY Beacon will detect your rocket launch automatically and make a loud sound to help you locate it even if you cannot see it.

The operation of the VIFLY Beacon is based on a motion sensor, attach it anywhere in your rocket to detect the movement, no wire, no soldering.

VIFLY Beacon has a very loud beeper emitting over 100dB. In addition, the LED on VIFLY Beacon can flash automatically when the built-in light sensor detects low light levels.


Size (L x W x H) 25x14x15 mm
Weight 6 grams
Volume Up to 105 dB
Working Time Up to 30 hours
Charge Time 1.5 hours
Battery 80mAh LiPo
Input Voltage 4.5 – 5.5 V

How To Use (VIFLY v2)

These instructions and beep patterns are different for the new (v2) version.  The older v1 version has a USB-micro connector and the beep codes/flash codes are different.  The basic operation is the same, but please consult your manual for the instructions for the previous version of the beacon.

There is a small button on the side of the unit.  This is the power button.  Be delicate, the unit has been miniaturised and the power button can be broken if excessive force is applied.  You will be able to feel the button action when you press it.

  1. Charge the unit with a USB-C power cable.  The red LED will light while charging and go out when charged.
  2. When ready to fly, press the power button for approximately one second (count one-one-thousand).  You should hear two rapid beeps and the LED will flash to indicate that the unit has switched on.
  3. The unit now expects to be installed in the rocket.  It will beep intermittently until it detects that movement has stopped (e.g. your rocket is on the launch pad).  The beep indicates that the beacon is not armed.
  4. When the unit has detected that movement has stopped, it will move into a launch ready state and will beep four medium-length beeps in quick succession.  It will now stop beeping and is now ready to fly.  The green LED will flash, and if it is dark the bright white LED will also flash.
  5. If you wish to turn the unit off, press the power button for one second and release it.  You will hear three very rapid beeps and all LEDs will turn off, no further beeps will be heard.  Note: You cannot turn the unit off until after it is in a launch ready state, i.e. after you have heard the four medium-length beeps.
  6. When the unit detects launch it will be silently active, waiting for movement to cease indicating landing.
  7. After landing, the unit will be quiet for thirty seconds, then will start a very loud beep every six seconds.
  8. This continues until two hours have passed, after which the beep interval will increase to once every twelve seconds.

Alarm Pattern

 First 30 seconds

 30s to 2 hours

 After 2 hours

 Low volume

 Max volume every 6s

 every 12s / idle until dawn


1x VIFLY Beacon Lost Model Finder Buzzer

1x Cable tie

1x Instruction leaflet

1x Wizard Rockets proprietary flexible case suitable for attaching to a cord or cable tie

Important Notes

The VIFLY comes with a cable tie as standard.  This cable tie is intended for use on drones and is not strong enough for rockets.  We include it in case you have reason to use it, but for rocket use the VIFLY should be attached very securely, ideally using the provided case.

The versions we sell come with the VIFLY unit itself and our own design of protective case.  The case has built-in loops suitable for attaching to a rocket cord.  Use cord at least 2mm in diameter to avoid thin cords cutting their way through the case.

If the VIFLY takes longer than 2h to charge or the battery gets hot during charge, you have damaged something and you should not charge or use the VIFLY any more.  Please dispose of the VIFLY where you would normally dispose of lithium battery devices.

All of our units have been individually tested before shipment to ensure that you receive a working beacon.