Altus Metrum EasyMini dual-deployment flight controller with logging


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Wizard Rockets is proud to stock the Altus Metrum range of products.

The EasyMini is a dual-deployment controller with advanced flight logging capabilities. Flight logs and system configuration can be accessed over USB (cable not supplied). As this product has advanced flight logging capabilities it is approved by UKRA for use in altitude record attempts.

Full information on this product, including details of the AltOS application that runs on your PC, is available at the Altus Metrum website here:

You will need:

  • Some electronics integration (simple soldering) to provide the power switch required by most safety codes (see the UKRA Safety Code here).
  • A suitable power source.
    See the Altus Metrum website for power recommendations.
  • Electronic matches or igniters.
    Wizard Rockets recommends the orange-wired firework igniters readily available online.
  • A method of integrating the ejection charge(s) into your build.

Wizard Rockets recommends that all ejection charges are ground-tested before flight to ensure that ejection is reliable and consistent.