AA-10 Alamo AAM scale Rocket Kit


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The Alamo is an Air-to-Air missile which targets just about anything that flies, including helicopters, drones and even other missiles! NATO has given this AAM missile the name AA-10 Alamo, it is also known as the Vympel R-27.

This highly-detailed Alamo military scale kit is excellent for small launch sites. It is a large and heavy model rocket. Ignite those slow launches that everyone can enjoy!

Three (3) sets of fins and a boat tail give this scale model rocket kit lots of personality.

The AA-10 Alamo comes compete with laser-cut centering rings, fins, Decals, Ejection Baffle, plastic Nose Cone and Tailcone and 15″ Plastic Parachute Kit.

Length: 30″ (76 cm)
Diameter: 1.64 in. (76 mm)
Estimated Weight:8.5 oz. (210 g)

Recommended Motors

Aerotech® RMS 24/40 (apogee):  E18-7(980 ft), F24-7(1150 ft)