TARC Parachute 12″,18″ & 24″ by Rocketman


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The TARC Rocketman parachute is a small and light-weight parachute that is ideal to upgrade the plastic parachutes provided in most low-power and medium-power kits. Colour may vary.

Parachute Descent Rate
Type/Size Slow
15 ft/sec
4.6 m/sec
17 ft/sec
5.2 m/sec
20 ft/sec
6.1 m/sec
25 ft/sec
7.6 m/sec
TARC 12 inch, 30cm 5.21oz 5.90oz 6.95oz 8.68oz
TARC 18 inch, 45cm 6.7oz, 190g 7.6oz, 215g 8.9oz, 250g 11.1oz, 315g
TARC 24 inch, 60cm 9.22oz, 261g 10.45oz, 296g 12.30oz, 349g 15.37oz, 436g


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12", 18", 24"

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