Standard Parachute 3′,4′,5′,6′ & 9’by Rocketman


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The standard Rocketman parachute is a high quality parachute that will last a lifetime if looked after. Standard parachutes are orange or red with blue or black lines.

Standard 6 foot, 1.8m6.5lb, 3.0kg8.0lb, 3.6kg11.5lb, 5.2kg17lb, 7.7kg

Parachute Descent Rate
Type/Size Slow
15 ft/sec
4.6 m/sec
17 ft/sec
5.2 m/sec
20 ft/sec
6.1 m/sec
25 ft/sec
7.6 m/sec
Standard 3 foot, 90cm 1.7lb, 770g 2.1lb, 955g 2.8lb, 1.3kg 4.4lb, 2.0kg
Standard 4 foot, 1.2m 3.0lb, 1.4kg 3.7lb, 1.7kg 5.0lb, 2.3kg 7.6lb, 3.5kg
Standard 5 foot, 1.5m 4.7lb, 2.1kg 5.7lb, 2.6kg 8.0lb, 3.6kg 12lb, 5.5kg
Standard 6 foot, 1.8m 6.5lb, 3.0kg 8.0lb, 3.6kg 11.5lb, 5.2kg 17lb, 7.7kg
Standard 9 foot 15.0lbs 18.0lbs 26lbs 39lbs

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3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, 9 foot

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