Rocketman Ltd Edition Showtime, Fiberglass


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These unique kits are 37.75” tall, 2.6” Diameter with a 38mm MMT. These kits are Head End Dual Deploy but can be single deploy with the av bay coupler glued into the nosecone. The Showtime kits are perfect for a first fiberglass build and to further your building experience. In dual-deployment configuration this kit is perfect for a Level  2 certification.

As with all fibreglass kits these kits are for experienced kit builders only. Instructions are not provided for fibreglass kits as we expect for fliers to customise the build to their needs and to have the relevant experience to choose how they want to build them.

  • Suitable for UKRA Level-1 certification flight
    • Note that while this kit will fly well on H-class and above motors, the performance and altitudes will be very high.
    • Please consider your rocket design, flight characteristics, club rules and recovery when considering flying this kit on an H or higher class motor.
  • Under 3lbs
  • Can be used as Head End Deploy or Single Deploy
  • Great first fiberglass rocket
  • Paint is not required
  • Thin wall fiberglass, very strong and durable
  • Only 100 kits made

*Please note photo for illustration purposes the fiberglass tubes are more Purple in colour than the photo depicts.

Parts Included:

1- 2.6” Yellow 5:1 Ogive Filament Wound Nose Cone
1- Aluminum Tip
1- 2.6” Purple* G12 Airframe 22”
1- 2.6” G12 Coupler 7”
1- 2.6” Switch Band 2”
1- Showtime Colored Decal
2- G10 Stepped Av Bay Lids
2- G10 Centering Rings
1- 38mm G12 Motor Mount Tube 8”
3- Yellow G10 1/16” Fins
2- Delrin Rail Buttons
10- Black 2-56 Shear Pins
1- 2.5ft Motor Mount Shock Cord
3- Black Plastic Rivets