Quick match 5-strand (per metre)


SKU: QM-5S Categories: , Warning: This item cannot be posted. All rocket motors and rocket motor reloads must be collected from Wizard Rockets HQ or at an event. Age and identity verification will be required upon collection.


5-strand quick-match perfect for lighting black-powder motor clusters. Quick-match is extremely fast burning and as a result extremely dangerous. For this reason we can only sell this to experienced fliers.

Quick-match must never be lit in its wrapper or when coiled up as the burn becomes extremely difficult to control. Quick-match must never be stored with motors as any ignition of the quick-match will spread to other items very quickly.

To use quick-match to light a cluster of rocket motors you will need to separate the individual strands of black-match within. This is easily done using a pair of sharp scissors or a knife to slit the outer sheath and revealing the inner strands. You should then insert one or two strands per motor and tape them securely to the outside of the motor with the strands protruding straight out from the motor. Do not bend the strands. Wrap the strands in masking tape to protect them from the elements.

Once you have each motor prepared with a length of quick-match you should install the motor in the rocket. The multiple lengths of quick match should then be taped together, keeping the strands as straight as possible and ensuring that all strands are the same length. You should then tape the igniter into the end of the bundle such that it ignites all strands of quick-match simultaneously and the flame propagates to all motors at the same time.