Aerotech manufactures a range of reloadable rocket motors. Each motor has two distinct parts:

  • The outer casing or hardware. This is an aerospace-grade aluminium tube and supporting hardware (seals, closures, etc) which the rocket motor reload is inserted into. The casing is then installed in the rocket.
  • The rocket motor reload itself. This is the combustible part which is ignited and generates the thrust.

Reloadable rocket motors are more expensive to purchase but offer cheaper and more varied flights than single-use rocket motors.

More information on the required hardware is available on this page: Aerotech High-Power Motor Hardware.

Available 38mm High-Power Motors

DesignationLength (mm)Required Motor CasingTotal Impulse (Ns)Average Thrust (N)Thrust Duration (s)Total Weight (g)Propellant
H73J-10A152RMS-38/240185.6732.6309Black Jack
H123W-14A152RMS-38/240223.61231.8275White Lightning
H242T-14A152RMS-38/240231.72421.1264Blue Thunder
H112J-10A213RMS-38/360261.11122.9379Black Jack
I161W-14A213RMS-38/360328.71611.8366White Lightning
I357T-14A213RMS-38/3603423571343Blue Thunder
I154J-10A232RMS-38/4803781543492Black Jack
I211W-14A232RMS-38/480441.62111.7455White Lightning
I300T-14A232RMS-38/480436.82731.6440.5Blue Thunder
I195J-10A298RMS-38/600455.2160.82.83582.4Black Jack
I284W-14A298RMS-38/600607.32841.9556White Lightning
I435T-14A298RMS-38/600568.94351.1518Blue Thunder
J350W-14A337RMS-38/7207004451.5665White Lightning
J570W-14A479RMS-38/1080973.1509.31.9902White Lightning