Aerotech Single-Use Rocket Motors

Aerotech manufactures single-use rocket motors in a large number of sizes, ranging from 24mm motor mounts for smaller models all the way to 98mm motor mounts for altitude busting flights.

Single-use rocket motors are disposable and need no additional hardware. They include the igniter and are a cost-effective way of undertaking flights.

Wizard Rockets stocks motors in the two most common sizes: 24mm and 29mm. We can order motors on request for other sizes.

Aerotech’s 24mm single-use motors fit most kits designed for Estes D motors. The 29mm single-use motors are great for those models needing a bit more ‘go’.

24mm Single-Use

DesignationLength (mm)Total Impulse (Ns)Average Thrust (N)Thrust Duration (s)Total Weight (g)Delay (s)Propellant
E30-4T7033.5632.951.02474Blue Thunder
E30-7T7033.5632.951.02477Blue Thunder

29mm Single-Use

DesignationLength (mm)Total ImpulseAverage Thrust (N)Thrust Duration (s)Total Weight (g)Delay (s)Propellant
F25-4W9877.925.63.1904White Lightning
F25-6W9877.925.63.1906White Lightning
F25-9W9877.925.63.1909White Lightning
F50-4T9876.853.71.4854Blue Thunder
F50-6T9876.853.71.4856Blue Thunder
F50-9T9876.853.71.4859Blue Thunder