Single-Use Rocket Motors

Single-use rocket motors are disposable and need no additional hardware. They include the igniter and are a cost-effective way of undertaking flights.

Aerotech’s 24mm single-use motors fit most kits designed for Estes D motors. The 29mm single-use motors are great for those models needing a bit more ‘go’.

Click here to see our range of single-use rocket motors.

Reloadable Motor System (RMS)

Aerotech manufactures a range of reloadable rocket motors. Each motor has two distinct parts:

  • The outer casing or hardware. This is an aerospace-grade aluminium tube and supporting hardware (seals, closures, etc) which the rocket motor reload is inserted into. The casing is then installed in the rocket. This casing and supporting hardware is reusable.
  • The rocket motor reload itself. This is the combustible part which is ignited and generates the thrust. The rocket motor reload is single-use and disposable.

Reloadable rocket motors are more expensive to purchase but offer cheaper and more varied flights than single-use rocket motors.

Click here to see our range of medium-power RMS systems in 24mm and 29mm sizes.

Click here to see information on high-power RMS hardware for all high-power motor systems.

Click here to see our range of high-power RMS motors suitable for 29mm motor mount tubes.

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