Miscellaneous Parts

Category: Single Use

62004*F20-4W Econojet (2-pak)£44.400
62007*F20-7W Econojet (2-pak)£44.400
62704*F27-4R Econojet (2-pak)£44.400
62708*F27-8R Econojet (2-pak)£44.400
64204*F42-4T Econojet (2-pak)£44.400
64208*F42-8T Econojet (2-pak)£44.400

Category: Hardware

AllECK-1Ejection Charge Kit (12-pk) (Includes 12 each 1.4 gram ejection charges & 1/2" dia. Ejection plugs£12.400

Category: Miscellaneous

11191Nose Cone 1.9" Dia 5:1 Ogive£15.200
11261Nose Cone 2.6" 5:1 Ogive£16.200
11401Nose Cone 4.0" Dia 4:1 Ogive£19.400
11405Nose Cone 4" Sumo£21.400
11614Bulkhead Assy 2.6" Dia£11.000
11615Bulkhead Assy 4.0" Dia£15.200
11710Fin Mustang/Arreaux Style£6.800
11711Fin Initiator Style£8.000
11712Fin Arcas/Wart Hog Style£8.000
11714Fin Tomahawk/Strong Arm Style£6.800
11715Fin Astrobee/Mirage/Sumo£14.200
11716Fin Cheetah Style£6.800
11720Fin Barracuda Style£8.000
11804Coupler Tube 1.9 x 4.00"£5.800
11909Body Tube 1.9 x 9" Unslotted£5.800
11912Body Tube 1.9 x 12" Unslotted£5.800
11923Body Tube Mustang 1.9" 4-Slot£9.000
11924Body Tube 1.9" 3-Slot 22.75"£9.000
11926Body Tube 1.9 x 22.75" Unslotted£8.000
12606Coupler Tube 2.6 x 6.00"£8.000
12614Body Tube 2.6 4-Slot Fin 15"£9.000
12615Body Tube 2.6 x 15" Unslotted£8.000
12619Body Tube 2.6 x 19" Unslotted£9.000
12623Body Tube 2.6" 4-Slot Fin 24"£11.000
12626Body Tube 2.6" 24" Unslotted£10.000
12627Body Tube 2.6 Lug Slot 24"£10.000
12628Body Tube Astro 2.6" 4-Slot 27"£12.000
12629Body Tube 2.6" Lug Slot 27"£12.000
12704Tube Sleeve 2.6" Dia x 4"£6.800
13016Parachute 16"£13.000
13022Parachute 22"£18.200
13030Parachute 30"£20.400
13042Parachute 42"£26.600
14008Coupler Tube 4.0"£9.000
14019Body Tube 4.0 -19" Unslotted£12.000
14023Body Tube 4" x 23" 3-Slot Fin£15.200
14033Body Tube 4.0" 23" Unslotted£13.000
14040Body Tube 4" x 23" 4-Slot Fin£15.200
14819Bulkhead Assy 1.9"£9.000
17201Shock Cord 5/8" x 18'£10.000
17386Shock Cord 3/8" x 6'£5.800
17388Shock Cord 3/8" x 8'£6.800
18010Decal Sheet Mustang™£13.000
18011Decal Sheet Initiator™£13.000
18012Decal Sheet Arcas™£13.000
18013Decal Sheet Arreaux™£13.000
18014Decal Sheet Tomahawk™£11.000
18015Decal Sheet Astrobee-D™£18.200
18016Decal Sheet Cheetah™£11.000
21903Motor Mount Kit 1.9"/3-fin£19.400
21904Motor Mount Kit 1.9"/4-fin£20.400
22603Motor Mount Kit 2.6"/3-fin£24.400
22604Motor Mount Kit 2.6"/4-fin£25.600
22605Motor Mount Kit 4.0"/3-fin£33.800
22606Motor Mount Kit 4.0"/4-Fin£34.800
43501*HDK-01 Delay parts to make D24-4T (3-pak)£8.400
43502*HDK-02 Delay parts to make D24-7T (3-pak)£8.400
43503*HDK-03 Delay parts to make D13-4W (3-pak)£8.400
43504*HDK-04 Delay parts to make D24-10T (3-pak)£8.400
43505*HDK-05 Delay parts to make D13-7W (3-pak)£8.400
43506*HDK-06 Delay parts to make D13-10W (3-pak)£8.400
43507*HDK-07 Delay parts to make D15-4T, E28-4T (3-pak)£8.400
43508*HDK-08 Delay parts to make D9-4W, F39-6T (3-pak)£8.400
43509*HDK-09 Delay parts to make D15-7T, E28-7T (3-pak)£8.400
43510*HDK-10 Delay parts to make D9-7W, F39-9T (3-pak)£8.400
43511*HDK-11 Delay parts to make E18-4W, F24-4W (3-pak)£8.406
43512*HDK-12 Delay parts to make E11-3J, E18-7W, F12-3J, F24-7W, F35-11W (3-pak)£8.400
43513*HDK-13 Delay parts to make F12-5J (3-pak)£8.400
43515*HDK-15 Delay parts to make E23-5T, G76-4G (3-pak)£8.400
43516*HDK-16 Delay parts to make F52-5T (3-pak)£8.400
43517*HDK-17 Delay parts to make E23-8T, F52-8T, F40-4W, G53-7FJ (3-pak)£8.406
43518*HDK-18 Delay parts to make F52-11T, G64-4W (3-pak)£8.406
43519*HDK-19 Delay parts to make E16-4W, G76-10G (3-pak)£8.400
43520*HDK-20 Delay parts to make G64-7W, G53-10FJ (3-pak)£8.400
43521*HDK-21 Delay parts to make E16-7, F40-7W, G64-10W (3-pak)£8.400
43522*HDK-22 Delay parts to make F22-5J, F40-10W, G33-5J (3-pak)£8.400
43523*HDK-23 Delay parts to make F22-7J, G33-7J (3-pak)£8.400
43524*HDK-24 Delay parts to make G53-5FJ (3-pak)£8.400
43525*HDK-25 Delay parts to make G76-7G (3-pak)£8.400
89001Initiator Systems Package (Includes Initiator Rocket kit, Mantis Launch Pad & Interlock Controller)£270.200
89010KIT, Mustang™£75.400
89011KIT, Initiator™£80.400
89012KIY, HV Arcas™£90.400
89013KIT, Arreaux™£80.400
89014KIT, IQSY Tomahawk™£80.400
89015KIT, Astrobee-D™£110.403
89016KIT, Cheetah™£70.400
89017KIT, Strong-Arm™£100.400
89018KIT, Wart-Hog™£100.400
89019KIT, Mirage™£110.400
89020KIT, Barracuda™£80.400
89021KIT, G-Force™£140.400
89022KIT, Arreauxbee-Hi™£100.400
89024KIT, Sumo™£130.400
89281KIT, Mantis Launch Pad£130.400
89341Interlock™ Initiator Clip For Use With Copperhead™ Initiators only£8.000
89381KIT, Interlock Controller£85.400
89894*First Fire Initiators (3-pak) For H and above£14.209
89895*First Fire, Jr. Initiators (3-pak) For D-G Composite Motors Only£13.009
89899*First Fire Mini Initiators (3-pak) For Use With ALL A,B,C & D Motors£13.006
UDDTUniversal Delay Drilling Tool£10.402