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Eggtimer Quark dual-deployment controller – Built and tested


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Wizard Rockets is proud to stock the Eggtimer Quark dual-deployment controller.  This compact piece of electronics measures your flight altitude and can trigger ejection charges at apogee and at a configurable altitude above ground during descent.

As one of the most cost-effective and compact dual-deployment controllers the Eggtimer Quark also opens up possibilities of adding multiple deployment controllers into rockets to minimise the risk of failed ejection.

These kits have been built and tested by Wizard Rockets and are provided ready for you to integrate into your avionics bay.  Short (5cm) power wires are soldered onto the board but may be replaced if required.  Some very simple soldering and integration work will be required.  Full documentation for the Eggtimer Quark is available on the Eggtimer Rocketry website here.

You will need:

  • Some electronics integration (simple soldering) to provide the power switch required by most safety codes (see the UKRA Safety Code here).
  • A suitable power source.
    Wizard Rockets recommends a minimum of a fully charged LiIon battery (3.7-4.2v) if using electronic matches and a minimum of 6v for high current igniters.  Maximum recommended voltage is 12v.
  • Electronic matches or igniters.
    Wizard Rockets recommends the orange-wired firework igniters readily available online.
  • A method of integrating the ejection charge(s) into your build.

Wizard Rockets recommends that all ejection charges are ground-tested before flight to ensure that ejection is reliable and consistent.

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