29mm diameter

Category: Single Use

071214G125T-14A 29mm DMS™ Requires NAR or TRA Level 1 Certification£31.400
078014G80T-14A 29mm DMS™137 N-sec Total Impulse!£31.400
081314H135W-14A 29mm DMS™£37.600
081814H182R-14A 29mm DMS™£37.600
092014I205W-14A 29mm DMS™£47.800
62504F25-4W 29mm S/U£28.000
62506F25-6W 29mm S/U£28.0012
62509F25-9W 29mm S/U£28.000
65004F50-4T 29mm S/U£28.000
65006F50-6T 29mm S/U£28.0012
65009F50-9T 29mm S/U£28.000
66704*F67-4W Economax 29mm (2-pak)£28.800
66706*F67-6W Economax 29mm (2-pak)£28.800
66709*F67-9W Economax 29mm (2-pak)£28.8010
74004G40-4W 29mm S/U£29.800
74007G40-7W 29mm S/U£29.800
74010G40-10W 29mm S/U£29.800
77406G74-6W Economax 29mm (2-pak)£31.808
77409G74-9W Economax 29mm (2-pak)£31.8010
77704G77-4R 29mm S/U£29.8012
77707G77-7R 29mm S/U£29.8012
77710G77-10R 29mm S/U£29.8012
77904G79-4W 29mm S/U£29.8012
77907G79-7W 29mm S/U£29.8011
77910G79-10W 29mm S/U£29.8012
78007G80-7T 29mm S/U 137 N-sec Total Impulse!£29.8012
78010G80-10T 29mm S/U 137 N-sec Total Impulse!£29.8012
78013G80-13T 29mm S/U137 N-sec Total Impulse!£29.8012

Category: Reloads

Suitable Motor Casing
(not included)
29/100071014*G104T-14A 29/100 RMS-PLUS£20.400
29/100075414*G54W-14A 29/100 RMS-PLUS£20.400
29/120072510G25W-10A 29/120 RMS-PLUS£23.200
29/120077714*G77R-14A 29/120 RMS-PLUS£23.200
29/120077914*G79W-14A 29/120 RMS-PLUS£23.200
29/1800812814*H128W-14A 29/180 RMS-PLUS£26.200
29/180081614*H165R-14A 29/180 RMS-PLUS£26.200
29/180082314*H238T-14A 29/180 RMS-PLUS£26.200
29/2400818014*H180W-14A 29/240 RMS-PLUS£32.200
29/2400821014*H210R-14A 29/240 RMS-PLUS (Requires 29mm Forward Seal Disc during assembly)£32.200
29/240082214*H220T-M 29/240 RMS-PLUS (Requires 29mm Forward Seal Disc during assembly)£32.200
29/360082614*H268R-14A 29/360 RMS-PLUS£38.000
29/3600920014*I200W-14A 29/360 RMS-PLUS£40.000
29/40-12007138LG138T-14A HP 29mm RMS Requires NAR or TRA Level 1 Certification£22.000
29/40-12051604*E16-4W 29mm RMS£15.200
29/40-12051607*E16-7W 29mm RMS£15.200
29/40-12052305*E23-5T 29mm RMS£15.200
29/40-12052308*E23-8T 29mm RMS£15.200
29/40-12064004F40-4W 29mm RMS£18.200
29/40-12064007F40-7W 29mm RMS£18.208
29/40-12064010F40-10W 29mm RMS£18.200
29/40-12065205F52-5T 29mm RMS£18.200
29/40-12065208F52-8T 29mm RMS£18.200
29/40-12065211F52-11T 29mm RMS£18.200
29/40-12076404*G64-4W 29mm RMS£20.000
29/40-12076407*G64-7W 29mm RMS£20.008
29/40-12076410*G64-10W 29mm RMS£20.000
29/60063714*F37W-14A 29/60 RMS-PLUS£19.400
29/60066214*F62T-14A 29/60 RMS-PLUS£19.400

Category: Hardware

29/1002910C29mm 100 N-sec Casing£45.000
29/1002910MRMS-29/100 Motor£89.200
29/1202912C29mm 120 N-sec Casing£49.800
29/1202912MRMS-29/120 Motor£94.200
29/1802918C29mm 180 N-sec Casing£54.800
29/1802918MRMS-29/180 Motor£104.000
29/180-2402918SRMS-29/180-240 System (Includes Forward Seal Disc)£178.000
29/2402924CA29mm 240 N-sec Casing (Includes Forward Seal Disc)£64.600
29/2402924MRMS-29/240 Motor (Includes Forward Seal Disc)£113.800
29/240-36029FSDRMS-29/240-360 Forward Seal Disc£12.400
29/240-36029RAS29mm Reload Adapter System£45.000
29/3602936CA29mm 360 N-sec Casing (Includes Forward Seal Disc)£74.600
29/3602936MRMS-29/360 Motor (Includes Forward Seal Disc)£128.600
29/40-120910811RMS-29/40-120 Motor Aft Closure£22.000
29/40-120910813ARMS-29/40-120 Motor Case£32.800
29/40-12091291RMS-29/40-120 Complete Motor Hardware Set£73.600
29/40-12091292RMS-29/40-120 Motor Forward Closure£23.000
29/40-120EFC29-429mm EFC Motor Closure Adapter (Consumer 29/40-120)£30.200
29/602960C29mm 60 N-sec Casing£40.000
29/602960MRMS-29/60 Motor£84.400
29/60-1202960SRMS-29/60-120 System£168.000
29/60-3602918SCRMS-29/60-360 Sytem Combo (Includes 29/180 and 29/360 Cases, Forward Seal Disc, Aft Closure and 29RAS)£147.400
All29AC229mm Aft Closure£24.200
All29FCC29mm Forward Closure Standard£28.200
All29FCPT29mm Forward Closure Plugged Threaded£28.200

Category: Miscellaneous

1291229mm X 12" Motor Mount Tube Only£5.800
1291829mm X 17-3/4" Motor Mount Tube Only£6.800
CRDK29-01RMS+ Wht Light 29mm£3.800
CRDK29-02RMS+ Blue Thun/Red Line 29mm£3.800
CRDK29-03RMS+ Mojave Green 29mm£3.800
CRDK29-04RMS+ Black Jack 29mm£3.800
CRDK29-05RMS+ G25W only 29mm£3.800